Tippets: Salmon in the Bronx, Gray Ghosts, Roll Cast Techniques, Killer Appetite

May 4, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Often when fishing for one thing, you’ll get another. And when casting for striped bass in Pelham Bay, in the Bronx, one angler gets more than he was bargaining for: an Atlantic Salmon. Read more of his account here.
  • Florida’s winter of 2010 brought a cold snap that is thought to have significantly decreased the bonefish population in the Keys. “With many experts agreeing that water temperatures below 60 degrees are too cold for bonefish, the 2010 winter fronts that at times plummeted water to the low 50s really played havoc,” writes Doug Kelly in Florida Sportsman.
  • From static to dynamic lines, Pete Kutzer demonstrates distance and accuracy for roll casts, in this instructional video.
  • One Louisiana largemouth bass took its name too seriously, and with a voracious appetite attempted to eat another fish its own size. As Tim Romano writes on Field & Stream, “I’ve seen bass eat some crazy things, like birds, snakes, obviously other fish but this one has to take the cake.”