Tippets: Search for Bull Trout, Salmon-Eye View, Tips for Adverse Conditions, Listen Up

April 28, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • On his own pilgrimage of sorts, writer Neil Waugh travels to Jasper National Park in search of bull trout. He recounts the history of the landscape and his experience within in a recent article originally featured in The Edmonton Sun.
  • Go underwater and get a salmon-eye view of the world with the photography of fisheries biologist Paul Vecsei. Via Hatches Magazine.
  • Seldom do we get perfect conditions on the water, and so Brad Burns highlights tips and tactics for fishing with various weather factors, from wind to rain and visibility.
  • Along with helping to navigate, ear bones called otoliths could be impacted by increasingly acidified oceans, gaining fish a heightened level of hearing.