Quick Tip: Avoid Seasickness on Your Next Saltwater Fishing Trip

Don’t be this guy…

If you’re like me, simply looking at a boat bobbing up and down makes you feel a little queasy.  I get seasick and airsick. Heck, I get carsick if the road is curvy and it’s hot out. While most fly fishing saltwater destinations are typically on the flats and there’s not much to worry about, there’s always that chance that you’ll go out a little deeper for something bigger. The pull is there….

I’ve tried almost every remedy there is: the “patch.” pressure bands, ginger, dramamine, etc. The medicine that works the best for me is Bonine.

Now here’s the tip. Don’t take it an hour before you get on your boat. You’ll just be feeding those pills to the fish. Don’t even take it the morning of… Start taking the medicine the day before or even two or three days prior to your trip.  This lets your body absorb and begin to use it. While there’s less drowsiness with Bonine than, say, Dramamine, there’s still some, and if you have been taking the medicine for a few days you will have grown accustomed to the side effects and will have less of a chance snoozing through that 100-pound-tarpon set.

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