Mojo Mud: Same Product, New Name

March 22, 2013 By: Erin Block

Mojo Mud, a tungsten putty created by John Perizzolo and distributed by Anglers Accessories, has been re-named to “jp’s Nymphing Mud.” Look for the labeling change to roll out soon.

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Anglers Accessories and Sweetwater Labs, the distributors and manufacturers respectiveley of the soft tungsten weight formerly known as “MojoFish Products MojoMud” would like to announce a name change. The new name will be “jp’s Nymphing Mud.” It will be the same stuff, in the same colors, same packaging and at the same price. Only the labels will be different. If you have any questions please contact Anglers Accessories at 303-690-0477 or [email protected]