Invasive Species Survey

March 19, 2013 By: Erin Block

Covering the Greater Yellowstone Area, a survey being conducted by the Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association, Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association, Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana, and Clean Angling Coalition aims to better understand how guides approach invasive species.

Read more in the press release below.

From Cleanangling.org:

The Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association, the Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association and the Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana have joined with the Clean Angling Coalition to conduct a survey to better understand how fishing guides view aquatic invasive species and what, if any, actions guides are taking to help reduce their spread.

The particular focus for this survey is on the outfitters, guides and fly shops that are in the Greater Yellowstone Area and all guides and fly shops within this area are especially encouraged to complete the survey. The Survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and the information gathered will be used to determine if there are better ways to educate the public about the problem. Please share this survey with anyone you know who guides fishing trips in the Yellowstone area.


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