Tippets: The Challenge of Carp, Tutorial on CDC, Salmon Habitat on the Umpqua

February 18, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Field & Stream writers John Merwin and Kirk Deeter have decidedly different opinions about chasing carp on the fly. But when Morgan Lyle sets out on the Mohawk River with Pat Cohen as guide, he soon finds out why fly fishing for carp is a challenge, and perhaps why as Deeter says, it’s “the next big thing.” Via The Daily Gazette.
  • In a two-part series on The Feather Bender, Marc Petitjean demonstrates innovative techniques and patterns for tying with CDC.
  • New research published in a recent issue of the journal Geology focuses on the evolution of river width and depth in the Umpqua River basin, leading to a better understanding of critical coho salmon habitat.