Tippets: Eye for Perfection, Outbreak on the Bighorn, Fishing Retrieves

February 4, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • A craftsman of wood, feather and silk, Trevor Gong ties classic Atlantic Salmon flies “with the volume turned up. Way up,” writes Abby Lowell in The Juneau Empire. Gong’s work is currently featured in the display “Thread” at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum through February 23.
  • A fungus outbreak is decreasing trout populations on Wyoming’s Bighorn River. Bob Krumm presents the problem as well as suggested prevention measures anglers can take, via The Billings Gazette.
  • Giving movement to a nymph or a streamer requires different retrieves, and Josh Bourn goes over some different techniques on Fly Fisherman. “Take the time to use these four different retrieves with a variety of flies,” he writes. “It might shake you up to see a more aggressive feeding behavior than you’re used to.”