Tippets: Indoor Sport of Fly Casting, Dubbing Techniques Tutorial, Chalk Stream Conservation

January 16, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Fly fishermen have “issues,” writes Scott Willougby; they must, as they gather indoors to wave “around a meticulously weighted 9-foot rod in the midst of a January cold snap.”  However, all of that practicing does in fact pay off (perhaps more than some fly fishers would like to think) come summertime on the water. Read more on the sport of fly casting via The Denver Post.
  • From materials to techniques, Dennis Shaw presents a comprehensive article on dubbing via The Limp Cobra.
  • Over the past fifty years, chalk stream conservation in southern England has been largely ignored, writes Charles Rangeley Wilson on Caught by the River. But conservation groups such as Wild Trout are beginning to pay attention, preserving this unique ecosystem.