Tippets: Selling Buggy Whips to Blacksmiths, Tips for Short Casts, Help for Seagrass

December 9, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Times are tough for print magazines as well as fly fishing. Put the two together and you get something akin to “selling buggy whips to blacksmiths” writes Matt Labash. But Chuck Sam’s Michigan’s Cedar Sweeper is pulling it off; a tribute to those not afraid of long odds.
  • When talk turns to improving casting skills, focus is often given to distance. However as Peter Kutzer highlights, short casts are equally important and often equally as difficult to master.
  • Essential habitat for many gamefish species, seagrass beds in Biscayne National Park near Miami, Florida, are getting some restoration help via the “natural fertilizer” of birds.