Podcast Interview: Scott Kozlowski of Monic Fly Lines

December 7, 2012 By: timromano

Scott Kozlowski, Fly Line Engineer at Monic Fly Lines

Monic Fly Lines was the first company to develop the clear fly line. Owner Bob Goodale was fishing in Belize many years ago and was having trouble casting in the wind with a very long leader, so he decided that he needed to make a clear floating fly line that would enable him to use a shorter leader and not spook fish.  After about seven years of R&D he finally introduced Monic in 1994.

MidCurrent had a chance to catch up with Scott Kozlowski, fly line engineer and wearer of many hats over at the company. We chatted with him about developing that first clear line, where the company has gone from there, and what innovative new products they have in their line now. This includes products like Gel-Spun Polyethylene core lines which have zero stretch, intermediate lines that do not change characteristics with wide swings in temperature extremes, and a growing line of UV materials like AquaGlo dressing and ribbing.

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