Tippets: In Praise of Whitefish, Plastic in the Great Lakes, Tips for Stillwater Fishing

  • Often scorned as second-class fish, mountain whitefish can save a day, not to mention provide a fierce fight and fun play on a fly rod. As Scott Willoughyby of the Denver Post writes, they deserve a bit more respect.
  • The world’s largest freshwater ecosystem, the Great Lakes, is filled with tiny bits of plastic, states a new study which found greater concentrations of plastics than has ever been documented in oceans.  “What we find in the lakes is coming from us,” says scientist Sherri Mason, environmental chemist at SUNY Fredonia, “so we’re the problem but we’re also the solution.”
  • Fishing for trout in stillwater can be confusing if you’re used to the eddies and runs of streams.  But Phil Rowley offers some great tips, advice, and tactics to use for successful trout fishing in lakes.

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