Tippets: Prices We Pay, The Midas Touch, New Species Named for Presidents

November 25, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • The price for getting on the water is sometimes a rod fee, a license, gas money, lunch or beers. And sometimes it’s simply waiting in a truck outside a courthouse, writes Mike Sepelak—a small price to pay.
  • For a new take on an old standard, the Copper John—“the best selling trout fly in the world”—check out Barry Ord Clarke’s tie, the Midas Nymph, turning everything to gold.
  • Five new species of freshwater darters have been discovered, report researchers in a recent issue of Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History. They have been named for former or current U.S presidents “who have worked to promote conservation and environmental protection”: Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama.