ArcticSilver Free-Flex Rods

November 12, 2012 By: Erin Block

Taking full advantage of the physics inherent in fly casting, ArcticSilver has big plans to release their Free-Flex technology into a new line of fly rods.  With the grip fixed only to the reel seat, the blank is allowed full power, allowing the angler to feel subtleties in each cast. To move the project along the company has started a crowd-funding campaign to help get the first rods on the market.

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Over time, passionate fly fishers around the world have gathered an immense knowledge about how a fly rod works. This knowledge is the foundation of ArcticSilver’s product development. You don’t need to learn to cast all over – you will build on the skills you’ve already honed over the years. With the Free-Flex concept, a whole new category of fly fishing rods is born.


You’ve probably heard it before: “The power potential is located in the rod’s butt section.” This axiom is often repeated by casting instructors and fly fishing experts, and is based on the physics around the transmission of force. In the cast, the fly rod’s blank is charged with energy. On traditional rods the handle is glued to the blank precisely where the power potential is great-est. And a handle that is glued with hardening adhesive prevents the blank from loading to its full potential.

This simple fact was the starting point for Arcticsilver’s product development. We wanted to create a rod that could take full advantage of the blank’s power potential.

On Arcticsilver’s Free-Flex rods the handle is not glued to the blanks. Instead, the blank is fixed only to the reel seat, allowing the rod to bend freely within a hollow handle. This solution gives you more feeling and better transmission of energy.

The Free-Flex system is a simple, but cutting edge, solution. It is fly fishing’s equivalent to the carving ski. The result is a blank that is more easily charged with energy, providing for a smoother and more enjoyable fly fishing experience.

The world’s most exciting and innovative rod concept is a reality. soon you will be able to feel the difference. We are very excited about getting this product to the market, and look forward to offering the advantages of the Free-Flex system to all the talented fly fishers out there.

1) The Free-Flex system

  • The blank moves freely within the hollow handle
  • Better transmission of energy equals long casts with less use of power.

2) Quick-Lock real seat

  • Faster and easier to use than a traditional real seat
  • Fits all standard reels
  • CNC machined / no more reel wobble. locks the reel tightly to the rod.

3) Elliptical shaped handle

  • Fast in a 40% carbon-based material for superior strength, light weight and stiffness
  • More ergonomic than a conventional handle
  • Greater directional stability – more precise casts

4) High End Production

  • Tested and developed over the 4 last years
  • High modulus blank of the highest quality
  • Rods will be built at some of the world’s leading production facilities
  • High quality guides / Blanks in matte finish

5) Iconic Scandinavian Design

  • Unique look, durability and performance
  • Cutting edge technology


  • The Quick-lock℗ system is based on a standard reel foot size, so it is possible to use standard fly reel on Arcticsilver rods.
  • The Free-Flex handle front part consists of open slots so the blank can bend and is more easily loaded during casting.
  • Arcticsilver Free-Flex double-handed prototype. A further development of this rod concept will be initiated immediately if the campaign succeeds.
  • Both the single- and double-handed Free-Flex rods are internationally patented.
  • Arcticsilver fly reel concept. A further development of this reel concept will be initiated immediately if the campaign succeeds. IPR-protected.


Arcticsilver is the story of how the combination of chronic tendonitis and a burning interest for design ended up as a fly fishing innovation. Two years of chronic tendonitis does something to you, especially when you’re a passionate fly fisher and are unable to fish as much as you really would like to. Instead of giving up, I decided to take the bull by the horns. Would it be possible to develop a rod that made it easier to cast with less use of force? Using the generally accepted doctrine “the power potential is located in the rod’s lower section” as a starting point, it became increasingly clear to me that the potential for innovation lay in the handle. Soon my garage was transformed into a busy development and testing workshop for simple postulate models. The first tests gave me exactly the answers I needed to take the idea further; it worked! Together with some of Scandinavia’s premium fly-fishing industrial designers, Arcticsilver has developed an entirely new category of fly rods that we’re confident will turn heads all over the world once they are launched.

Robert Selfors /ArcticSilver’s founder & fly fisher


It is natural for us to place our company in the Arctic. We use the Arctic as part of our name, but to us, it is much more than a name – it is the place we feel at home. Our identity is forged by the forces of the Arctic. Rivers, fish, mountains, fiords and glaciers give us the perfect playground to develop and test new fly fishing products. The harsh and spectacular Arctic gives us the inspiration to develop innovative products for demanding use. It is the passion for fly fishing that unites us. Great gear for fly fishers developed by fly fishers.

Over the past years, we have built a team of qualified people from very different backgrounds. some have been successful in business, others are among scandinavia’s leading industrial designers, and finally of course, some are just damned good at fly fishing.The company was established in March 2009 under the name Arcticsilver Innovation As (AsI), and aims to develop and sell products to the global fly fishing market.


· Robert Selfors: Fly fisher, entrepreneur and graphic designer.

· Sigurd Sørensen Herrlin: Expertise in concept development,
marketing and sales. Investor and strategic partner.

· Tore Vinje Brustad for Permafrost:
One of the leading and award-winning industrial
agencies in scandinavia. (http://www.permafrost.no/)

· Jonny Fladby: Graphic consulting and production. Fly fisher,
investor and strategic partner

· Pål Eivind Vegard: Master of Business and Administration.
Board member, investor and strategic partner.

IF you passionate fly fishers out there want NEW development, renewal and innovation, please support this projects.

Arcticsilver Innovation As
Bergerveien 52
N-1450 Nesoddtangen
M: +47 99 27 04 98
T: +47 66 91 07 05