Tippets: Flounder on the Fly, Downward Drakes, Montana Stream Access, Humane Commercial Net

November 11, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • A chameleon of its surroundings, flounder can be difficult to stalk with a fly. So don’t miss Neil Parry’s tips for catching these flat fish before heading out on the water.
  • Copi Vojta writes on yoga, mothering, and midwifery, as he remembers the drake hatches of summer, knowing all the while that the “Magic will happen but won’t last long.”
  • Tensions over stream access continues to rise in Montana as property rights groups attempt to overturn current access laws of the state. “We’ve got a huge recreational fishing industry that’s established here that’s built up around stream access,” said Matt Clifford, lawyer for Trout Unlimited. “This is just the latest challenge and we certainly hope this puts it to bed once and for all.”
  • For his innovative fish net created to allow smaller fish (aka the “bycatch”) to escape, British designer Dan Watson has recently been awarded the international James Dyson award, given annually in recognition of “imaginative design solutions to global problems.