Need to Get Your Fly Line Deep?

November 6, 2012 By: timromano

Last week I received a call from Keith Munemitsu, a professed saltwater fly fishing nut who targets Calico Bass in and around Orange County, CA. He’s part of a group called the Calico Syndicate who have been experimenting with casting “heavy lines” in an effort to get their flies down to depths of 40-60 feet, through high current, kelp, rock structure, etc.

When I say heavy lines I mean really, really heavy lines. Keith went on to explain that he and his angling buddies have, “Over the course of the past seven months assembled 72 different line recipes using stock lines and materials.” And they “are now comfortably casting 800-950 grain lines up to 12 hours a day, from boats in the open ocean and up to three consecutive days in a row.” This is all being done on 10-weight rods, so he claims.

Crazy, right?

I’m very intrigued to hear how these guys are doing this. If what they claim is true, it might revolutionize the way certain fly anglers fish.

Granted it’s a niche within a niche.  But as Keith says, “We have made a conscious decision to share our findings openly with the general public because we truly believe that there are much wider applications to what we are doing… East Coast Striper fishermen, Ling Cod & Halibut fly anglers, etc… anyone who needs to get a fly deep quick – but retain the ability to cast into structure or tight areas.”

Check out their videos and head on over to their Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/thecalicosyndicate) to learn more and perhaps join the conversation if you’re that kind of sicko (in a good way). 😉