New Book: “Steelheader’s Journal”

Careful observations can often be the secret to unlocking good days on the water. And in combining advice, stories, and blank pages for your own journaling, John Nagy’s newest book–recently released from Great Lakes Publishing–can help make “steelhead fishing on the Great Lakes tributaries a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience.”

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New Book: The “Steelheader’s Journal” by John Nagy

The “Steelheader’s Journal” (Great Lakes Publishing/2012) is designed to help steelheaders in the “steelhead alley” region of Lake Erie, as well as throughout the Great Lakes, efficiently record information related to his or her tributary steelhead fly fishing trips.

This careful observation of details, as well as experiences, will not only make a better steelheader but also make steelhead fishing on the Great Lakes tributaries a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience.

A two page log/journal entry form (a total of 171 entry forms) allows steelheaders to log detailed information in over 25 categories (including various sub-categories) for each steelhead tributary fished that day. Some of these categories include weather, water temperature and flow, catches, technique, tackle, flies, rigging and access points. The “journal” section on the entry form allows steelheaders to write personal experiences and recollections for the day.

The Steelheader’s Journal also has sections on the “do’s and don’ts of steelhead fishing, knot diagrams, a gear “pre-trip” checklist and a steelhead “profile”, as well as ample room for favorite steelhead contacts and misc. notes.

The “old school” feel of the Steelheader’s Journal invites the steelheader to slow down and reflect carefully and thoughtfully on the days fishing. It is leather bound (7×10 inches/192 pages) with low-sheen, natural paper and sepia ink (including a silk ribbon page marker). It is also illustrated nicely by steelheader and artist Les Troyer including two color painting’s titled “Steelhead Catch-and-Release” and “In the Right Spot”.

The Steelheader’s Journal makes a great companion book to John Nagy’s popular Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead (updated and expanded 4th edition). The Steelhead Guide covers in detail how the techniques, equipment, flies, steelhead behavior, stream conditions and weather all combine to produce a successful Lake Erie steelhead trip. It has also proven to be very valuable to steelheaders in the rest of the Great Lakes region as well.

Signed hardcover copies can be obtained directly from Great Lakes Publishing, 606 Crysler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15226 by sending $39.95 plus $5.00 shipping per order (PA residents add 7% or $3.15) or through the web at:

Any questions regarding ordering the Steelheader’s Journal (including dealer inquiries) please contact Great Lakes Publishing at (412) 531-5819 or

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