Tippets: Staring at Nothing, The Secret to Big Browns, Uganda’s Nile Perch, Tips for Tenkara on Spring Creeks

October 26, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Carp fishing is a list of mountainous “ifs,” writes Mark Erdosy. Because even once you spot one, it’s hard to make that one cast that counts before they see you. And even so, sometimes you just end up staring at nothing.
  • The chase for elusive big brown trout can reach near mythological proportions. And while foolproof how-tos are difficult to lock down, there is one secret, writes Derek Olthuis: persistence.
  • While providing a sustainable, lucrative food source for local communities, introduction of the Nile perch in Uganda’s Lake Victoria in the 1950s has also devastated the native ecosystem. But now, species once thought to be extinct have been found around the borders of the lake, prompting discussion and debate between scientists and fishermen on policies for restocking.
  • Daniel Galhardo presents some practical strategies and new techniques for successful Tenkara fishing on spring creeks.