Tippets: Interview With Barry & Cathy Beck, Patterning Fish Behavior, Wooden Canoe Heritage

October 25, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Barry and Cathy Beck travel the world together, and recently they both sat down for a candid interview, talking everything from building a log cabin to being in their respective roles as fishing partners, with Ad Crable of The Lebanon Daily News.
  • Patterning fish behavior requires an understanding of your quarry and of the predator/prey relationship. It can greatly increase your success on the water, write Kenney Abrames and Tom Keer in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.
  • Recently, wood canoe enthusiasts gathered on the Au Sable River to celebrate a shared passion and history.  “Wood canoes provide a connection to the people that built them.” says Ken Kelly, president of the national Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.  “You get a real sense of authenticity that only a birch bark canoe can surpass.”