Interchangeable Outsole System from Korkers

October 9, 2012 By: Erin Block

New for the 2013 season are expanded options in the OmniTrax Interchangeable Outsole System from Korker. Included with the original felt, studded felt, Kling-On, Studded Kling-On, svelte and studded rubber are the new Vibram® Idro Grip, Studded Idro Grip, and AlumaTrax™ outsoles. “Our Interchangeable Our Sole System, renowned for its versatility and ability to help prevent the spread of invasive species, proves environmental responsibility does not require angler to compromise on traction performance.” says Brian Chaney, Director of Sales.

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Significant Expansion of Traction Options for Korkers OmniTrax Interchangeable Outsole System Offers the Ultimate in Versatility

Portland, OR – (July 18, 2012) – 2013 witnesses a significant expansion of high performance traction options for Korkers OmniTrax Interchangeable Outsole System. The increasing number of anglers utilizing the versatility of our proprietary Sole System, led to the need for a wider variety of options. With the addition of four new outsoles, the system now offers ten high performance traction outsoles.

New this season, Korkers has partnered with Vibram® to offer two Idro Grip outsoles with a unique tread pattern for anglers. The Vibram Idro Grip and Studden Vibram Idro Grip outsoles, available exclusively with the KGB, have sharp leading edges for cutting through thick algae, wide top surfaces for gripping to rock, gusseted sidewalls for added strength, and wide easy-to-clean grooves between lugs to provide secure traction on slippery river bottoms.

While two outsoles come standard with each wading boot, Korkers also offers a wide range of accessory traction outsoles. This year Korkers introduces Svelte™2 which reduces water absorption by 80% and dries 4x faster than felt while providing superior grip. This innovative material provides maximum traction in water with minimal impact to the environment.

Another new traction option, the AlumaTrax™ outsole is made of malleable aluminum bars that cut through slime, grabbing rocky, river bottoms. Wear and tear only improves performance by increasing surface area. Brian Chaney, Director of Sales states, “The AlumaTrax™ is inspired by Korkers aluminum bar overshoe cleats from years past.” AlumaTrax™ provides sure-footed traction in extremely challenging terrain.

Each OmniTrax™ v3.0 outsole easily snaps into place and can be changed while standing. The wearer’s natural walking motion ensures the outsole locks into place. The six original outsoles (felt, studded felt, Kling-On, Studded Kling-On, Svelte and Studded Rubber) and the new outsole options all incorporate a full perimeter of traction. Each outsole includes a wide, full length TPU plate adding support and stability as well as reducing foot fatigue and bone bruising cause by rocks and uneven terrain. Drainage ports incorporated into the OmniTrax Sole System reduce water weight and keep the boots lighter and therefore more comfortable.

Adapting your traction to provide the best performance for varying terrain is the primary benefit of Korkers’ Sole System but it is not the only one. Eliminating the need to buy multiple pairs of boots for each outsole desired, means anglers can significantly reduce the environmental impact of producing their wading books.

“Our Interchangeable Our Sole System, renowned for its versatility and ability to help prevent the spread of invasive species, proves environmental responsibility does not require angler to compromise on traction performance.” Chaney continued.

About Korkers

Since 1959, Korkers™ has created functional and versatile footwear for outdoor adventurers.  Unique to the industry, Korkers’ proprietary OmniTrax™ Interchangeable Sole System provides a variety of performance traction options – from felt to Vibram® Idro Grip sticky rubber – so no fishing spot is out of reach. Sean Beers leads the Portland, Oregon-based company’s team of avid fishing and outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to developing product solutions that combine design advances with innovative technology.

Korkers supports the clean River angling Pledge, and its products regularly receive accolades in gear guides and reviews. Korkers’ extensive line of footwear and accessories can be found globally, through fishing and outdoor specialty stores and select online retailers.

To learn more, call 800-524-8899 or visit www.korkers.com