Tippets: Magic Wands, The Restoration Economy, Tips for Skagit Casting, A Fly Rod Farewell

October 1, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Often, fly fishing seems more of an alchemy than sport or science. And Ken Hofmeister writes of the long rod’s magic on Florida Sportsman.
  • As well as being good for the ecosystem, watershed restoration is healthy for the job market as well. “Projects like this are also key to human productivity, and they are creating a whole new economy in the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” writes Cathy P. Kellon of Ecotrust. “Call it the Restoration Economy.”
  • When Skagit casting, a compact stroke is key, mirroring Ed Ward, “the man who can spey cast inside a phone booth.” Read more about why this technique works on the blog of Deneki Outdoors.
  • A Sage fly rod and reel were given to Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones, at his last ball game at Marlin Park. “It was cool,” the veteran said. “Obviously a really classy act by the Marlins organization giving me the gift beforehand and all their guys coming out of the dugout.