Tippets: Bob White’s Four Faces, Recycling Hooks, Backcountry Trout and Wildfires

  • Back from a guiding season in Alaska, artist Bob White shows his “four faces” and writes about his deconstruction from “Guide Bob to Artist Bob” in a guest post on Fiberglass Manifesto.
  • Hooks generally have longer lifespans than the materials (natural or synthetic) that are tied upon them. Which begs the question, what do you do with flies in this case? And on Tenkara Talk, Jason Klass answers with some great suggestions for efficiently recycling fly hooks.
  • Even though they live in water, fish are one of the species the hardest hit by fires. But healthy streams can help protect backcountry trout populations during and after wildfires. And “where wildfires are inevitable–and becoming more frequent and intense–it makes sense to manage our rivers and streams to protect the West’s valuable  trout and salmon,” writes Rod Masonis for Trout Unlimited.


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