Tippets: Carp Sharing, SmithFly Stream Team Contest, Water Flows Uphill

  • From The Onion comes news of a new fish-sharing service, Zipcarp Inc., parodying the popular car-share. “Say you already own a carp, but one day you need a second carp for some reason,” says Zipcarp spokesperson Colin Ackerman. “Or you need a really big carp, like a Catla carp. Or you just want to impress your boss by showing up to work with a fancy mrigal carp. We’ve got it all.”
  • SmithFly is looking for  new members of their Stream Team, and is holding a month-long contest for applicants. You can read more about the opportunity and contest details on The Fiberglass Manifesto.
  • Water in the West is always a topic of contention. Farmers, conservationists, oil and gas companies, and public usage, are often all at odds. And with an increase in fracking, constituents are becoming even more polarized. “Water flows uphill to money,” says Mike Chiropolos, lawyer for Boulder Colorado-based environmental group Western Resource Advocates, “It’s only going to get more precious and more scarce.”
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