Tarpon Tournament Series to End Gaffing, Theories of Fly Design, Chris Hunt Interview, Detecting Strikes on Tenkara

  • Just four months after Save the Tarpon began their campaign to end “gaff, drag and weigh” practices at The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS), the announcement has come that the PTTS will be discontinuing the practices for future events.
  • Real fly design, good fly design, is not “mysticism or magic” writes Quinn Grover about the Chubby Chernobyl. Rather, it’s finding out what’s happening (putting on scuba gear if need be, a la Gary LaFontaine) at the bottom of a pool, and learning how maximize shape and color for flies on the surface.
  • From his grandfather’s bamboo rod, to wrestling singlets, and eating more brook trout, Chris Hunt talks to Rebecca Garlock in the Outdoor Blogger Network’s quickfire interview series.
  • Jason Klass answers a reader’s difficult question of how to detect strikes when fishing Tenkara: “After a little trial and error, you will improve your hookup ratio and will get better and better at strike detection.  You just have to learn what to look for.” And Klass’s article will no doubt help you with that.
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