Video: A 50-Inch Rod from Redington?

September 11, 2012 By: timromano

Kara Armano explains the 50-inch rod offering from Redington. That’s right: a 50-inch fly rod.

No, it’s not the newest small creek wiggle stick, but rather a game of sorts that offers “beginning and veteran fly casters alike a fun way to practice casting and improve form”. The short stick gives “anglers a practice rod with a custom RIO® 30-foot fly line with integrated leader so anglers can learn the true feel of an actual rod loading. It also includes an end of the line that is designated with a mock fly so the angler has even more of a true feel for a fly fishing scenario. While the rod is mainly designed to tech younger casters the basics, it also comes with a a booklet of casting games for anglers of all abilities. It also includes a QR code for users to easily go to Redington’s website and watch casting and instruction videos.”

The Form Game Rod retails for $39.95.