Beginning of the End Browns, Iberian Peninsula Trout Face Extinction, How to Tie Wirehead Nymphs

  • Autumn may be an often romanticized season. The colors and air, the change. Yet really, writes Bruce Smithammer, “What we are left with, primarily, is a cold and sterile smell signaling the beginning of the end. This is what gets those big browns moving. And it has a similar effect on me.” It gets us moving, in whatever time we have left.
  • A new study backs what has been forecasted by Spanish scientists for years, that due to climate change, pollution, water diversion for agricultural purposes, along with weakened genes from introduction of hatchery fish, trout in the Iberian Peninsula will become extinct in less than one-hundred years.
  • If you’re looking for something a little different in your tying routine, check out Doug Korn’s Wirehead Nymphs at his blog 55 on the Fly, for a video and tying recipe.


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