Skiff Republic Interview: Steve Huff

September 4, 2012 By: Marshall Cutchin

Skiff Republic talks with Steve Huff about the history of performance fishing boat design and his thoughts on how a truly fishy saltwater poling skiff should be made.

“First of all, what makes a boat quiet is that there’s no flat surfaces where there’s going to be any wave action on the boat.  I would look for a boat that, if the chine or the edge of the boat rose out of the water, it would have to have a big radius on it to allow the water to release around it without any slapping, because you don’t want any hull slap whatsoever.

Today I think it’s quite possible to fish in eight or 10 inches of water.  It would pole in that depth.  Then I’d like something with somewhat of a V forward.  I would never own a boat without trim tabs on it because you can make it do what you want to do.”