You Can Always Do Better

September 1, 2012 By: Marshall Cutchin

As writer Kirk Deeter says in his new Fly Fishing Jazz column, “The factor that connects a truly great angler and a truly great musician is that both would concede that there is no such thing, actually, as ‘truly great.’”

A few of us at MidCurrent have fished with anglers who could claim to be in the upper one percent of fly fishing “experts.”  That also means we’ve had the privilege of watching these top fly fishers flub casts, make bad fly choices and be bewildered by fish. The fact is that a day on the water offers all of us a chance to fish better.  Some days just getting to the water is an achievement.   Other days  we are so on our game that experimenting is our main excitement.  But any way you cut it, says Deeter, “Without the imperfection… there is, in fact, no art at all.  And there is never, ever, a black-and-white script that spells out success.”