Tippets: Fishing Presidents, Carbon in the Food Chain, Reduce Water Usage, Realism vs. Movement in Fly Patterns

August 30, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • From George Washington’s fishing breaks during the Constitutional Convention to Jimmy Carter’s best fishing story involving a killer rabbit attack, The Drake magazine highlights Seven Fishing Presidents.
  • Researchers in Brazil have discovered that methane from lake beds ends up in body tissues of fish. “”It is like opening a black box. It turns out that carbon, which we thought was lost forever, can return to the food chain,” says postdoctoral researcher Angela Sanseverino.
  • Making up for almost 17 percent of indoor water usage, a huge difference can be made by trimming a few minutes of showers; for the good of our watersheds and your pocketbook.
  • Materials engendering movement in the water will trump a realistic pattern any day, writes Kent Klewein. Think about it, how many times have you thought a plastic bag blowing in the wind was a an animal. But have you ever stopped to gawk at wooden bear cutout?  “For me, the key to tying and picking out successful fly patterns from the bins over the years has been to always make sure a pattern incorporates equal parts of realistic features and movement,” says Klewein, “When you can find both in a fly pattern, you’ve got something special.”