Tippets: Salmon Safe, Handle With Care, Catch-and-Release “Hype,” Drought in the Midwest

August 29, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • A new labeling and certification system called Salmon Safe, will arm consumers with information about the sustainability and growing practices of crop farmers, and their impact nearby waterways.
  • From crocodiles to bullheads, Outdoor Life presents an informative slideshow on the top ten fish you need to handle with care.
  • Catch and release ethics are a hot button issue, and no angler is without an opinion. So Kirk Deeter asks: is the debate over-hyped?  “I’m just throwing the topic back for you… and the pun definitely was intended.”
  • The extreme heat and drought currently in Midwest states has devastated fish populations, especially colder water species such crappie, northern pike and walleye. “If this drought persists into fall, when the duck and other waterfowl pass through on their way south, there could be a larger problem,” says Illinois fisheries biologist Dan Stephenson.