Dr. Slick Jumbo Handle Tools

August 18, 2012 By: Erin Block

Since 1989, Dr. Slick has been dedicated to providing sharp and precise tools, designed (literally) with the eye of a surgeon.  New to their catalog is the Jumbo Handle Tools line, specifically designed with thicker hexagonal aluminum grips (at a tested optimum 10mm diameter), for the ergonomic comfort of the fly tier. The line features six tools: hackle pliers, hook and twister dubbing tools, whip finisher, bodkin, and bobbin threader, retailing for twelve dollars each.

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BELGRADE, Mont. – Continuing its quest to develop ergonomic fly-tying tools that virtually eliminate hand fatigue, cramping and other discomfort for fly tiers, Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers has developed a set of six devices for 2013.

The Dr. Slick Jumbo Handle Fly Tying Tools feature a thick hexagon-shaped aluminum handle measuring 10mm in diameter.  “The handle was designed using creative ergonomic principles and fits the fly-tier’s hand comfortably.  We tried a number of tying tool handle diameters before deciding on the 10mm as being optimum,” said Dr. Slick president Steve Fournier.

Ergonomic factors taken into consideration in the development of the new tool handles included the demands on the user, the size, shape, and how appropriate it is for the task.

The six tools are finished in an easy-on-the-eyes dark emerald green:

  • Rotary Hackle Pliers, 3.75-inches in length;
  • Hook Dubbing Tool, 5-inches;
  • Twister Dubbing Tool, 4.5-inches;
  • Whip Finisher, 5-inches;
  • Bodkin, 5.75-inches; and
  • Bobbin Threader, 7-inches.

The Jumbo Handle Tools are priced at $12 each.

With the addition of the new Jumbo Handle set, Dr. Slick now manufactures 145 fly-tying and fishing tools including hemostats (clamps), scissors, pliers, dry fly floatant, tool necklace, reels and nippers for every situation. Dr. Slick was founded in 1989 by a fly-fishing surgeon who was used to sharp, precision operating room quality tools.

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