Dragonfly Fly Fisher: the Kayak You Can Pole, Paddle or Propel

The Dragonfly Fly Fisher

I like fishing boats and seem to be collecting a number of them, much to my wife’s chagrin.

I have an Outcast raft, a custom inflatable rowing “canoe” with a trolling motor we like to call “mini boat,” a john boat also with trolling motor, and a stand up paddle board. I wish at times that I had one craft with attributes of all of them. Turns out I almost can…

Fishing craft these days are starting to blur the lines in terms of how one goes about labeling them. Enter one of the newest to the game: the Dragonfly Boatworks Fly Fisher. The company says it’s a new generation of fishing kayak, capable of being paddled, poled, or propelled (via a wireless 12-volt trolling motor).” It’s a boat with, “a small keel that grants the Fly Fisher excellent tracking capabilities. A leaning post/paded backrest seat that allows the boater to sit comfortably while paddling or standing – you can also lean back to pole. Best of all, maneuvering the Fly Fisher with the wireless foot control keeps your hands free when the action heats up.”

I want one.

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