The Real Backcountry, Stream Side Tying Materials, Tracking Marine Spawning Habitats

August 4, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Backcountry fishing doesn’t have to be complex multi-day trips. It can be day outings, too. And for every mile you hike in the water will be more untouched, and the trout more willing. Backcountry trails work like time-machine portals, writes Darin Letzring, “taking you to a place that looks the same as when John Colter first saw it. That’s the real beauty of the backcountry. And the only way to really understand it is to go see it for yourself.”
  • Next time you happen upon some Stream Side Roadkill, take the lead of Klent Klewein and “create something positive”; be resourceful and tie some flies.
  • In order to gain more information about where fish off the south coast of Florida breed, researchers are using advanced sonar technology to track and make high resolution maps of spawning habitat. “The scientific results of this cruise will help inform the public and guide management decisions as we continue to look at sanctuary marine zones and regulations,” says Sean Morton with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.