New Owner Breathes Life into Beaverkill Rod “American Made” Concept

Beaverkill Rod CompanyNew York-based fly fisher and entrepreneur Anthony Magardino has acquired all of the assets of the The Beaverkill Rod Company and vows to expand the company’s line of made-in-the-U.S. graphite fly rods.  The new series feature three different action in all weights, and carry a 25–year product warranty against defects in materials and workmanship plus an affordable $50 repair-or-replace program for unintentional damage.

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Roscoe, NY – Founder and President of The Beaverkill Rod Company (, Steven Forrer, has formally announced the sale of all company assets. The Beaverkill Rod Company brand, all trademarks, patents, machinery, rod designs, inventory and all other assets were sold to New York based entrepreneur, fly fishing veteran and industry newcomer Anthony Magardino.  Magardino has announced the re-launch of this innovative line of truly “American Made” fly rods originally launched in 2001, and is moving the current rod building facility in Brinklow, MD to Sullivan and Westchester counties in the state of New York. He is also planning a major rod building facility in Naples, Florida where he plans to continue to expand the BK brand throughout the east coast and nationally. Magardino said “This state of the art facility is essential to successfully achieving our long-term plans and corporate vision for the Beaverkill brand, and will be the foundation on which we build our nationally focused expansion and increased inventory needs.”

Magardino purchased his first 7’6” 3wt Beaverkill graphite fly rod a few years ago, and it instantly became his favorite among the many he owned “a classic rod with old school origins, charm and action” Magardino commented. “I was extremely lucky to have been introduced to the sport of fly fishing at the very young age of 13, and this extraordinary gift was not something that a typical family member would have passed down in the traditional sense.

I was introduced into what has become a life-long passion by a group of complete strangers on the banks of the Beaverkill River in Roscoe, New York,” says Magardino, and he also noted his continued interest with everything fly fishing for the past 28 years, and how honored he was to serve on the board of directors for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum for many years. Magardino said, “I met some of the most legendary, intelligent, talented and dedicated people you would ever want to know in the sport of fly fishing during my tenure… extremely inspiring group of anglers’ to say the least, and a testament to this incredible institution they serve.” Magardino mentions the Beaverkill is a legendary river, and this entire region of the Catskills is internationally recognized as the birth-place of fly fishing in America. And, goes on to mention the Beaverkill Rod Company’s past history, present day status and future plans, highlighting it’s extremely unique line of truly “American Made” fly rods. He decided to pay tribute to what he considers his home waters by starting his relentless pursuit to acquire, re-capitalize, and re-develop a realistic and successful business plan moving forward. Magardino would like to introduce the Beaverkill brand into all segments of fly fishing, thru a more modern re-design of the bkrod web-site. He also is planning to exhibit the Beaverkill product line at the many industry shows around the country. Magardino is also in contact with many of the most popular print and digital media publications currently available, and is looking at a robust advertisement campaign to reach his potential client base more effectively.  Impressively, their “Legacy” line of 26 rod offerings from 3wt to 12wt is just the beginning, and their second line is already in the final stages of the design process.

“The rods of the Beaverkill Rod Company are actually a family,” says Magardino.  “Not only do we offer a wide variety of rods in different lengths and line weights,   but we offer a choice of actions in each model!”

Magardino has been studying the rod market for several years, finding much brand confusion and escalating prices even with the common practice of inexpensive offshore manufacturing we see today by many of the big brands. He agrees with Steven Forrer thoughts on the subject, the original founder of bkrod: “You need a degree in aerospace engineering to understand the hype, and it is hard to find choice within a single brand, which forces the buyer to seek different brands for different applications.”  Determined to build a family of “American Made” fly rods at a better price, the Beaverkill design team set out to create a line of fly rods that, “Just felt right in the caster’s hand,”  said Magardino.

Three Actions

Beaverkill Rods offer a distinct advantage with their choice of actions.  Because no two people cast or fish the same way, certain rod actions feel better to some than others.  The Beaverkill Rod Company has created rods with different actions to meet these demands.  For example, a ninefoot, 5-weight is available in slow, medium and fast actions.  Depending on each caster’s personal preference, there is one action that will “intuitively” feel right.  “Once the customer has identified the action he likes best, then he can buy additional Beaverkill Rods in different line weights and be instantly familiar and comfortable with the rod,”says Magardino.

Most Beaverkill rods are available in a choice of two actions, and the most popular sizes –nine foot 4-weights and 5-weights – are available in three actions. This allows the caster to find the action with the best feel for a given situation.  A seven foot 3-weight designed for small streams might feel more comfortable in a slower action, whereas a nine foot 7-weight for saltwater might feel better in a faster action. Customers have that choice.

In the design phase of these rods, a well known rod designer and championship caster were asked what they felt was a perfect rod. The answer was simple… there is no perfect rod. “They told me that the best rod is the one you need to accomplish the task at hand,” says Magardino.  “Form follows function.”

The Load Flex Concept

In addition to designing Beaverkill rods to be truly progressive actions, they also designed the rods so that different portions of the rod flex under different line loads. This concept is called LOAD-FLEX.

LOAD-FLEX 1 – Fast Action  These beautifully smooth rods employ the upper third of the blank to do the flexing during a standard 30-foot cast. With a line one size heavier, the rod performs as a LF2. With two lines heavier the rod performs as a LF3.

LOAD-FLEX 2 – Medium Action  These rods are built so that the mid- section generates the Load-Flex. These extremely smooth rods return the tip with speed and precision and deliver a cast with a delicate, sure ease. The mid rod flexure of the LF2 allows these rods to cast a line one size heavier or one size lighter. This allows the use of lighter line for delicate presentations or a heavier line for wind conditions or a heavier fly.

LOAD-FLEX 3 – Slow Action  These rods flex in the upper portion of the bottom section during a standard cast. The line is delivered with extreme smoothness and surety. All LF3 rods can accept a line one or two sizes lighter than specifies when a more delicate presentation is required. The rod will behave as a LF2 or LF1 respectfully.

Quality Appointments

Beaverkill Rod Company rods are built using only their proprietary lustrous green blanks and offer only top-quality components on each and every rod.  Reel seats in trout sizes are uplocking aluminum, anodized with titanium and satin finished bird’s-eye maple wood inserts.  Saltwater reel seats are uplocking black anodized aluminum.  Only super grade cork from Portugal is used for the grips for years of comfort and service.  Stripping guides are high frame three-leg, one-piece stainless steel with a silicon carbide molded ring to reduce friction, making casts longer and more accurate. The snake guides and tiptops are high rounded stainless steel coated with titanium carbide for superior corrosion, abrasion and groove resistance.  Each rod arrives in a deluxe nylon covered carrying case with a divided rod pouch, zippered top and comfortable handle.


All Beaverkill rods offer a 25–year product warranty against defects in materials and workmanship plus an affordable $50 repair or replace program for unintentional damage.

Where Can I Find Beaverkill Rod Company?

The Beaverkill Rod Company is also breaking new ground with its streamlined, cost-effective distribution model.  These rods will be available only through their website, and a select group of retailers throughout the country.   Magardino believes the public is ready for his distribution approach.  “We’re offering ultra-premium rods that would retail for $700 or more for less than $400!” Magardino adds, “It’s very important to me to manufacture my entire line of rods onshore in the USA, and also be able to finally offer every angler an affordable alternative which also happens to be an extremely high quality fly rod… the added bonus is putting a little money back in their pockets to spend hopefully in their favorite local fly shops.”

Anthony Magardino is lifelong student of fly fishing, outdoorsman, a member of many New York angling clubs, and unwavering in his support of all our past, present and future U.S. veterans and current active military personnel protecting the sovereignty our great nation. He owns and operates many businesses on the east coast, and co-designed and operated his first manufacturing facility in the carbon composite material industry at age 20, over the years he has purchased thru acquisitions numerous technologies based companies, owns and manages his commercial properties thru-out the east coast, and has invested privately in many venture capital opportunities. At, 41 he has the experience, and determination to re-launch and re-energize the Beaverkill brand, and will continue to only produce high quality fly rods, built entirely “onshore” in the USA.

Beaverkill Rods ( is headquartered in New York, U.S.A.  Anthony Magardino can be reached by phone at 914-490-3052 or by

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