The Danger of Plastics, History of the Dry-and-Dropper Rig, Streamers During a Hatch

July 31, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • A chemical found in plastics has been documented as causing fish to breed with other species: “it’s like beer goggles gone wrong.” And with all the plastic waste floating around the Great Lakes, Josh Mogerman points to another danger of the Asian carp invasion: mermaids.
  • Most fly fishers are familiar with nymph and dry-and-dropper rigging, but contrary to what most anglers think, neither are new techniques. Don Bastian recently gave an interesting look back on some of their history via an anecdote from Ray Bergman, dated 1939.
  • While it may seem counterintuitive to tie on big streamers with trout rising to a hatch, it can be quite productive.  So go ahead, break out your streamer box before the traditional time of fall, and “Think outside of the box,” writes Jake McGlothlin of Chi Wulff.