“Itu’s Bones” Finalist in Film Festival, Cutthroat Grand Slam, The Great “Rod or Reel” Debate

  • Fly fishing films go mainstream with “Itu’s Bones” announced as a finalist in the People and the Sea category at the Blue Ocean Film Festival held in Monterey, CA. Many congratulations to Jeanie Ackley and Carl McNeil at On the Fly Productions! And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the film trailer.
  • In a hierarchy of coolness, Scott Christy writes about the Cutthroat grand slam fundraiser for Wyoming Trout Unlimited. And a bonus of the program is that “In addition to chasing down elusive fish, participants are also able see the concrete rewards of the vast amount of on-the-ground coldwater conservation field work that TU has accomplished in Wyoming.”
  • Davin Ebanks and Bjorn Stromsness go head to head on what’s more important in saltwater fishing: the rod, or the reel.


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