Behind the Scenes: Boulder Boat Works Polymer Hull Drift Boats

Boulder Boat Works

Think you have a lot of tools in your shop?

The tool wall you see here is just one of many at the Boulder Boat Works “skunk works” just north of Boulder, Colorado. The gents at the workshop there manufacture drift boats out of marine grade, U.V.-protected, VHMW-PE plastic. That’s “Very High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene” for folks not in the know. You heard me right, the guys at Boulder Boat Works are building super-high-quality drift boats out of plastic, aluminum and some of the finest wood you’ve laid your eyes on. So yeah, they need a lot of tools…  Their boats are some of the most pleasurable I’ve ever rowed and fished out of.  And they’re finished with everything from woods like white ash to a fully adjustable aluminum frame.  They require almost no maintenance and are incredibly light.

If you’re in the market for a drift boat check out Boulder Boat Works or simply drop by the shop and ask them for a tour. I’m sure they’ll happily oblige.

Boulder Boat Works

Inside the BBW “dry docks”

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