Benchmark Fly for Carp, Museums to Share History, Cathy Beck’s Tips for Saltwater, Low Salmon Runs Concern Alaskans

  • Compared to the Wooly Bugger and Parachute Adams for trout, the Backstabber is the benchmark fly for carp. “In the Riffle” provides tying instructions on the Hatches magazine website. Check it out, you’ll need some on the mud flats.
  • The Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in Livingston Manor, NY and the International Museum of Fly Fishing in Castel di Sangro Italy, have established a sister relationship to share history, information, and their unique angling cultures. “…fly fishing and fly tying is an international language and words are not required,” says Alberto Calzolari.
  • As with most anything else, preparation gives you confidence and freedom to do what you need or want to do, without the disadvantage of learning on the spot. So head over and read Cathy Beck’s “Saltwater Tips & Tricks” to increase your odds of success on the water.
  • Looking at possibly the worst Chinook run in 30 years and a King run lower than last, Alaskans wonder “where have all the salmon gone?” And while changes in the ocean environment and currents might be to blame, “It doesn’t seem to be that simple,” says Ray Beamesderfer, consultant with Cramer Fish Sciences in Gresham, Ore.
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