Gila Trout Relocation, Canoe in a Box, Cell Phones in the Backcountry

  • Proactive Gila Trout Recovery Team members were able to relocate populations as a wildfire roared in. And while there is no telling how soon the watershed will recover, “I’m heartened to know that, because of the work we’ve done, the policies we’ve changed and the lands we’ve protected, we still have Gila trout,” writes Chris Hunt of Trout Unlimited.
  • While a canoe that packs down to a box barely 50 pounds in weight may seem like a nifty idea, just remember a word of warning, “This is a canoe that comes with a large mallet in its toolkit.”
  • If you leave your cell phone behind when venturing into the backcountry, you might want to think again, writes Jess Zimmerman. There is “conclusive proof that your cell phone is a critical survival tool, which you can throw in the face of any rugged rough-living homesteader who wants to mock your materialistic lifestyle.”
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