Sage ONE: It Takes Two

June 28, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

Not long ago Sage Manufacturing introduced the “ONE” Series of rods to much fanfare.  The rods, despite their high expectations and replacement of the popular Z-Axis, were met with approval from anglers.  Now, almost a year after the introduction, Sage is releasing the rod in switch and spey options.

Will it be met with the same rave reviews as the one-handed series?  Deneki Outdoors reviewed the 13″6′ 8wt and found it to be a “new classic.”  The accuracy of the rod that was such a selling point of the standard series is not necessarily needed in the two-handed series but is not lost, the review states.  Also of note is the downlocking reel seat— something that anglers could be indifferent over but might provide better balance for the rod.