“Gear Head” Michael Gracie Talks Scott Rods

June 27, 2012 By: timromano

Gracie cruising the "Denver Carp Flats" with one of his beloved Scott Rods - Photo: Will Rice

Will Rice from Trout’s Fly Fishing talks with self-professed “Gear Head” Michael Gracie about looking like Telly Savalas, his recent trip to South Andros, and why he only fishes Scott Rods.

Gracie says, “Rods and reel choices are 100% personal preference – both in terms of the angler’s fishing preferences (species, wade v. float, etc.) as well as their own personality (easy going, competitive, downright aggressive).  Some people like fast rods while others adore fiberglass; some feel like they need a different rod for each situation, and some go the one-size-fits all approach.  I’ve had a lot of time play with a ton of gear, figuring out what I like based on my own personal preferences, and I like to convey that to the purchaser as well – what suits me may not suit someone else, and visa versa.”

Read the whole interview here.