Bristol Bay River Academy, Ed Engle on Tenkara, New Hampshire’s Aerial Stocking, Poor Man’s Bonefish?

June 26, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Just completing its fourth year, The Bristol Bay River Academy teaches local youth how to fly fish as well as guide on their home waters, presenting them job opportunities and helping grow the local economy. Sam Snyder gives an excellent report on his blog Headwaters of History.
  • While he’s “fine with any stream if it simply holds the promise of trout,” Ed Engle starts off down a deep canyon and finds a Tenkara rod to be the perfect companion.
  • New Hampshire’s aerial stocking program works to make sure anglers are met with plenty of brook trout after hours of hiking through backcountry woods.
  • Brent Wilson at Uprising makes a case for why “we should put an end to the ‘golden bones’ and ‘poor man’s bonefish’ analogy.”