Freehand Fly Fishing’s Reusable Brass Slip Sinkers

June 19, 2012 By: timromano

Freehand Fly Fishing's Reusable Brass Sinkers

Here’s a new twist on weight for the fly fishing world…

Freehand Fly Fishing, a small Kirkland, Washington fly-fishing accessories manufacturer, offers environmentally friendly yet affordable reusable brass slip sinkers that come with easy-to-attach rubber tube sleeves. The patent-pending design allows the leader or line to ride on top of the machine cut solid brass rod sinker rounds without slipping or line crimping due to rubber tension on the brass.  But they can be easily adjusted by simply sliding the sinker up and down the line.

Another advantage is that the fish bite can be felt more sensitively, since there is not an intervening sinker weight as with conventional lead. The weights offer an affordable alternative to more expensive tungsten split shot and slip sinker fishing weights.The company currently offers three sizes: 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 ounce brass slip sinkers. The most likely weight size for fly fishing would be the 1/32 ounce Slip Sinker. They cost $3.50 for and 8 pack.