Mayflies & More, Talking With Fish, Sacred Cows, New York Fracking Limits

June 18, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Give a look over at the preview video for Chris Sandford’s new tying book release, Mayflies & More.
  • Forget friends and family, now you can “TalkWithFish” via a new iPhone app by Greg Bambenek that highlights “bass chewing crayfish, herring farts and bluegills chomping beetles.” If you play with it, they will come, he says.
  • Fly fishers love to talk and tell stories, it’s well known; and to debate too, as often we’re of the opinionated sort. So recently, when Michael Agneta of Troutrageous posted his Sacred Cows of Fly Fishing, Bjorn Stromness of Bonefishing on the Brain returned in kind.
  • In New York State a plan put forward by Governor Andrew Cuomo would limit fracking to “only in towns that agree to it, and would be banned in Catskill Park, aquifers and nationally designated historic districts.” Yet as with all issues there are two sides, and in this one, neither is happy.