A Good Mustache is Hard to Find, Snook Grounds Debate, “Cast Hope,” Dry Summer in the Sierras

  • Bemoaning their decline in popularity, Geoff Mueller knows that a good mustache tells a lot about an angler: you are seasoned, you are a master, and “you know that the grass is indeed greener right here.”
  • Florida State officials will meet at the end of the June to determine opening snook fishing grounds again, after a hard freeze and fish kill in 2010.
  • For a glimpse of what hope might look like, check out Selene Dumaine’s streamer “Cast Hope,” a donation to Casting For Recovery.
  • An early thaw and opening of the backcountry forecasts a dry summer.  And “If you have any inclination to fish the high country in the central Sierra Nevada, now’s the time to get going,” advises Patrick Konoske.
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