“Where The Yellowstone Goes” and The Greenbacks, Angler Allies, Virus Outbreak at B.C Fishery, Pollution Weight Loss for Rivers

June 2, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • If you’re in the Denver metro area, be sure not to miss the June 12th showing of “Where the Yellowstone Goes” at the Denver Film Center, where a portion of ticket sales goes to benefit The Greenbacks conservation group. And also make sure to check out Compleat Thought, where Kyle Perkins is giving away two free tickets to the June 12th show.
  • Anglers can be allies for endangered species, states Ben Long. In fact, “Regulated sport fishing rarely contributes to the demise of a fish species, but it has contributed to rescue of them.”
  • Fisheries managers around Vancouver Island have been forced to cull more than half a million Atlantic salmon after a virus outbreak at Dixon Bay farm.
  • Hedrick Belin, President of Potomac Conservancy, presents a quantifiable pollutant weight loss plan for rivers; which like any, he says, “will succeed only with long-term commitment and discipline.”