Podcast Interview (Exclusive): Fishpond Founder John Le Coq Talks About New 2013 Waterproof Line

May 31, 2012 By: timromano

Fishpond founder Johnny Le Coq hard at work designing new products

Johnny Le Coq founded fly-fishing accessories, vests, bags and packs maker Fishpond a little over twelve years ago. He and his new partners recently moved all of their operations to Denver, Colorado, where Le Coq continues to be in charge of design and development of all new products.

In the podcast, Le Coq talks to MidCurrent about the company’s all-new line of waterproof and water-resistant products for 2013, featuring 12 welded pieces, including carry-ons, roller bags, lumbar packs, boat bags and more.  “With the welded construction,” says Le Coq, “we’re using 1680 ballistic fabrics, but they all still look like Fishpond products.  They have the form and function, but they are beautiful to look at.”

Direct download: MidCurrent Interviews John Le Coq of Fishpond