Michigan’s Brook Trout Creel Limit Proposal

May 29, 2012 By: Erin Block

Michigan’s proposal for an increased creel limit for brook trout is an issue of concern for anglers and faces some serious opposition, writes Howard Meyerson in The Outdoor Journal. State officials have said the proposed increase is largely based on social reasons, as anglers have complained that five fish is not enough to justify the gas money spent. However, “I would like to see regulations based on biology rather than sociology,” says Casey Huckins, a biology professor at Michigan Tech in Houghton.

And Brad Petzke, a Marquette fishing guide and owner of River’s North Guide Service notes, “For anglers to keep 10 fish per day from those creeks would devastate the populations horribly.”

You can add your opinion through an online survey hosted by The Michigan Department of Natural Resources