Video Hatch (and Story): “Jungle Fish”

May 24, 2012 By: Erin Block

Donovan Webster’s extraordinary account of fly fishing for arapaima in the jungles of Guyana appears in this month’s issue of Garden & Gun magazine.   It coincides with Kirk Deeter’s photos and narration of the experience in his piece “Rumble in the Jungle: Catching Huge Arapaimas on the Fly in Guyana.”   They’re both part of a new project by Costa Del Mar to help native communities and ecosystems through promotion of sport fishing.

As the video “Jungle Fish” shows, the waters of Guyana prove an ideal beginning when they send a group of journalists to chase arapaima. These “swimming dinosaurs” are the world’s largest freshwater species with scales, and as over-harvested resources their populations are becoming increasingly sparse.