Osprey Rescue, Salmon and Trees, Digesting Climate Change, New Material for Fly Rods

  • Fishermen help another fishermen, in a way: when Brad Miller, Doc Martin Reed, and Chris “Grizz” Andelin from Trout Hunter fly shop adopt Ozzie, an Osprey from Box Canyon rescue.
  • Our parents told us that money doesn’t grow on trees, but do salmon?
  • Extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, the gastrointestinal tract of fish could play an important part in evaluating the effect of climate change on their populations.
  • Graphene, winner of the the 2010 Nobel Prize for physics, is a clear material which when mixed with plastics is “thin, elastic and lightweight” and could be used for satellite, airplane, and car manufacturing. Ethan Smith at The Fiddle and Creel, ponders the possibility of it as a source for building fly rods as well.
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