Just How Are Fly Fishing and the Stock Market Similar?

May 22, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

Fly fishing and the stock market:  not exactly a comparison that gets thrown around very often.  But in his book set to be released on August 7, Dr. Stephen Morris does just that.  An orthodontist by day and fly fishing stock trader by night, Morris sees many parallels between the two.  “Fly Fishing The Stock Market is designed to draw correlations between fly fishing and stock trading; from stalking the prey, managing the catch, to landing the result and all of the important details in between.

As in modern fly fishing, where more delicate presentations and precision are now needed to land the trophies, “In the stock market, gone are the days when you could plunk a handsome sum into any blue chip, wait 10 years, and cash in your fortune.”